Making news with Microsoft

After 27 years of working for media companies, I’m making a big change.

I’m moving next week to Seattle, where I will be managing editor of Microsoft’s news app in Windows 8, which launches in late October. It’s an exciting time to be joining Microsoft. I’ll be leading a group of editors who will curate the best reporting of the day, licensing content from news organizations and helping to develop cutting-edge news applications with a strong focus on meeting the needs of people. 


About Dean Betz

Digital content producer, strategist and leader. News guy.
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6 Responses to Making news with Microsoft

  1. dtuman says:

    Congrats, Dean! We should have a TU reunion when you get to town. Will u be living on the east side?

  2. Dean Betz says:

    We don’t have a firm idea yet where we’ll live; Pat’s going to figure that out when she arrives. We’re intrigued by Colombia City and environs right now. Anyway, we’ll definitely have a get-together.

  3. If we can help you figure out neighborhoods, let us know. There is a tremendous commute struggle if you live/work on opposite sides of the lake.

  4. Hello from the Times Union/Albany, Dean, and congrats! Also, what a small world. I was a software PM at Microsoft from 1998-2005 and one of my former managers is a Bing group manager. Sounds like your new gig is going to be a blast. All the best with it. (And I highly recommend Cap Hill, Fremont, West Seattle and Ballard as places to live, although the commute from West Seattle can be a bear.)

  5. Ab Irato says:

    Seriously Dean, FU and your polls.

    “Would you support the minimum wage being raised to $15 even if it meant paying more for good or services.”

    GFY, stooge. Who hands you this dribble to print, Bill Gates himself? What you should have polled is why the elite can’t share in the wealth but must always be finding new ways to keep the middle class down and the poor even poorer. Federal Reserve funny money stooges who have zero interest in looking at the big picture. People like you are the reason our country has become dumb downed and stupid.

    • Dean Betz says:

      Thanks for commenting!

      I appreciate your insights on wage inequity, I think we can count on that as a critical issue in the 2020 campaign. But, I insist that I have helped satisfy people’s need to be well-informed.

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