Making news with Microsoft

After 27 years of working for media companies, I’m making a big change.

I’m moving next week to Seattle, where I will be managing editor of Microsoft’s news app in Windows 8, which launches in late October. It’s an exciting time to be joining Microsoft. I’ll be leading a group of editors who will curate the best reporting of the day, licensing content from news organizations and helping to develop cutting-edge news applications with a strong focus on meeting the needs of people. 



About Dean Betz

Digital content producer, strategist and leader. News guy.
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4 Responses to Making news with Microsoft

  1. dtuman says:

    Congrats, Dean! We should have a TU reunion when you get to town. Will u be living on the east side?

  2. Dean Betz says:

    We don’t have a firm idea yet where we’ll live; Pat’s going to figure that out when she arrives. We’re intrigued by Colombia City and environs right now. Anyway, we’ll definitely have a get-together.

  3. If we can help you figure out neighborhoods, let us know. There is a tremendous commute struggle if you live/work on opposite sides of the lake.

  4. Hello from the Times Union/Albany, Dean, and congrats! Also, what a small world. I was a software PM at Microsoft from 1998-2005 and one of my former managers is a Bing group manager. Sounds like your new gig is going to be a blast. All the best with it. (And I highly recommend Cap Hill, Fremont, West Seattle and Ballard as places to live, although the commute from West Seattle can be a bear.)

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