A friend on the Facebook Pages version of this blog loved the STOL video I posted earlier. Here’s another that shows the incredible short-takeoff performance of these planes.

Not to confuse matters, the version of the CH 750 family that interests me is the cross-country type. But some builders, including Jonathan Fay, have modified their Cruzers as excellent back-country planes that have great short-takeoff performance, as well. Without much sacrifice of a higher cruising speed.

X-STOL in a Zenith 750

This plane is similar to the Cruzer I’m toying with. Some key differences from where I’m at:

  • The Cruzer is the “fast” version of the 750 series
  • The aircraft in the video is the short-takeoff-and-landing version, which is slower in flight but has amazing performance
  • Bush pilots in New Zealand are very talented